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Hi, Red X comic readers. :D We're moving on with redoing this comic, and you can read them here, on my Tumlbr. ♥

The comics here are as transient as the seasons. At the moment I offer you:

Multipage Comics

  1. Teen Titans: X (collaboration with Pg-chan)
    (Old version is here)
    Added February 2009, Still working as of Feb 2011
    Status: In sketch/thumbnailing phase (it was all wrong!); incomplete.

    After a few chance encounters Starfire is compelled to find who Red X really is. If he wanted us to know, he wouldn't be wearing a mask.

  2. Half
    Added May 2009
    Status: Currently under revision (but on hold); version 1 complete.

    Personal musings on the Mestiza experience.

Short Comics

  1. Shorts, Collection 1
    Added May 2009
    Status: Old

    A couple of short comics made during a time of lots of stress.

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